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Season 2 of America’s Worst Tattoos premieres in March 27th at 10/9 central on TLC! Tune in to catch @megan_massacre, @swanjeremy, and I covering up some of the biggest disaster tattoos you’ve ever seen!
Spent yesterday filming something special with Megan Massacre for season 2 of America’s Worst Tattoos, but you’ll have to wait until it airs to find out what!
I did this entire sleeve over the course of 4 days about a month ago. I’d like to thank Piotr for making the trip from Switzerland and trusting me with such a large piece of real estate.
This tattoo has quickly become one of my favorites. I feel like the picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I’m sure you get the point. Please reblog this if you like it!
This has become one of my favorite cover up tattoos. It presented a great challenge, and I’m very happy with the finished product.
All brush lined watercolor. Don’t knock my grind. #tattoos #flash
Just finished this guy. #tattoos
A little more work on Nick’s Star Wars sleeve. #tattoos
Another oldie but goodie. #tattoos
First pass on Nick’s Emperor Palpatine tattoo. @kingpintattoosupply @amoebadesigns @eternalink2013conventions (at Art Machine Productions)
I did this a few years ago and I still love it! #fbf #flashbackfriday #flashbackfridays
Here’s some pics of the tattoo I did yesterday on my awesome Holland client Casey. The entire thing is a huge cover up, but I’ll have to post that another time. Thank you so much for being awesome Casey! (at Art Machine Productions)
Some silly fish I jammed on yesterday. Thanks, Phil! @amp_tattoo (at Art Machine Productions)


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First session on covering a half sleeve of Star Wars with a full sleeve of Star Wars. Done at @amp_tattoo