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Here’s the other piece I did for last week’s episode of America’s Worst Tattoos on TLC. Tune in tonight at 9pm for all new episodes!
One of my favorite cover ups I’ve done. Girl sat like a champ.
I did this tattoo last night in one session. Jay was a trooper! Thanks, man!


Juxtapoz magazine did a little feature on my cover ups. I am truly honored.

I support everything that is said here.


Tim Pangburn’s artwork is only rivaled by his charming looks and his exceptional personality. I love this man. I would marry him.
Have you seen his website? Hilarious. I mentioned exceptional personality, didn’t I?

Thanks! We love Tim too!
Here’s a cover up I did a little bit ago. I had a lot of fun with this, and felt up to the challenge. I’m always looking forward to doing more work like this!

iPhone cases have arrived!

Art Machine iPhone cases are here! These are cases for the 4/4S. Cases for the 5 will be available soon. Order one today, and keep an eye out for new designs coming soon!

Don’t be douchey

So if you’re into my stuff, then I already love you. But you know what would make me love you more? If you followed my shop’s Tumblr account! Go do it here!


I don’t know if I posted this yet, but this is one of my favorite cover ups ever, so twice doesn’t hurt.

Joey Knuckles is coming to Art Machine!

Joey Knuckles will be moving to Art Machine MONDAY! He’s an awesome tattooer and all around swell guy. He’ll be here 4 days a week, and at Baker Street 2 days a week. Schedule with him now!

So he’s been laying on the floor for 2 months, but we finally got him secured and standing. This Buddha is an antique, and was hand carved in Guangdong province China. Reports vary slightly as to date of origin. One report states it was made in the early 1950’s. The other says it’s over 100 years old and was positioned in front of a temple in India for some time.
Either way, its big, old, and awesome. Like a wooden Wilford Brimley.


Well, they’re finally finished. 60 pages of idiocy. For you! Just clicky on the pics to take you to dreamland.

$30 plus $5 shipping, continental US only. Message me for international orders.



Word on the street is that our buddy Tim Pangburn who owns Art Machine Productions Custom Tattooing and Art Gallery has just moved the shop into a larger spot on the Frankford Arts Corridor.
Vote for his place for best of Philly!

Make sure to stop by to make your appointment for your next tattoo with either Tim himself, Myke Chambers, or Dave Cheplivouza (Resp).
1345 Frankford Ave.Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 239-2724
Some orchids I did at the Philly show this year.