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In honor of the season premier of Game of Thrones, here’s a portrait of Tyrion Lannister I did. Winter is coming!
Tune to TLC tonight at 10pm EST for all new episodes of America’s Worst Tattoos! 

@deathlesscords  (at Art Machine Productions)
Did this super fun and hard cover up on @t_urbtattoos yesterday. Thanks for making the drive out! 
@deathlesscords  (at Art Machine Productions)
Here’s the cover up I did for the season premier of America’s Worst Tattoos. Tune in to TLC next Thursday at 10pm for all new episodes! Done with @eternalink and @amoebadesigns
"I am the vulture" 9x12 acrylic on canvas. $200 plus shipping email Tim@timpangburn.com to snag it (at pissed the F***k off.com)
This Sunday March 2nd from 11am to finish, we are doing a benefit for @giarose. Walk ins only, tattoos from specially made flash sheets ranging from $50-$300. Come in, sign up, and get tattooed by the next available artist, either myself, @nickpanzer @billyweigler @stevebishov or @brian_dicola_tattoos All proceeds go to Gia’s medical bills from her recent surgery, and if we pass that number then all extra goes to cancer research. Come get tattooed for a good cause!
Season 2 of America’s Worst Tattoos premieres in March 27th at 10/9 central on TLC! Tune in to catch @megan_massacre, @swanjeremy, and I covering up some of the biggest disaster tattoos you’ve ever seen!

I often lose focus. It’s not that I’m not committed or dedicated to what I do, it’s just that there’s so much to be done. I’ve been working a 12 hour day almost every day and I still have art projects I’m working on. Errands to run. Bills to pay. Sometimes I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Other times I think if I spent less time looking at funny animals on the internet I would get more done.

I try to stay motivated. It’s so damn hard sometimes. I worked myself into oblivion a few years back, and it’s taken me forever to recuperate. When I think about it, it’s sort of funny. I cut from 12 hour days to 8-10 last year. I was still working 40 hour weeks and competed more than 50 pieces of art, and still felt that I was slacking. Oh, the thoughts and feelings of a self abusing workaholic.

The sense that everything will fall apart if I slow down permeates my mind. Most of the time I don’t know if it’s paranoia or logic. I do understand I need to make it stop. I understand that I need to take time to enjoy my life, and appreciate my blessings. It’s so damn hard. The world is not on your shoulders, TIm. You are not Atlas. 

One day I will realize it. Until then I have work to do.

Original marker/pencil drawing for sale. 9x12, framed, $200+shipping. Email tim@timpangburn.com for info
I got to do this super fun maneki-neko tattoo today. Thanks, Mike!
Give a follow to my shop @amp_tattoo and my sponsors @eternalink @amoebadesigns @kingpintattoosupply and @deathlesscords
I’m selling this original marker/colored pencil drawing. Framed, 9”x12”, $200 plus shipping. Email Tim@timpangburn.com if you want it.
Got to jam this sweet job killer on my buddy @kielf_tattoos. Luckily he doesn’t need a real job because he does some sweet tat jams.
As always, done at @amp_tattoo with @eternalink @kingpintattoosupply @amoebadesigns @deathlesscords

These days are not beautiful or joyous. They are not beams of sunshine basking your face. They’re a kick to the shins. They’re a bleak reminder of just how little you have grown. Of how the problems you created when you were 16 have only intensified and burst forth into a crescendo of madness and broken glass. Of how simple and fragile the ego is, and how when you strip a man of his facade, he is nothing more than a quivering boy who is covering his nakedness in shame.

Ignorance is truly bliss, for if I was less self aware, I wouldn’t stride through my life with my ego firmly placed in the pilot seat. Maybe I would exhibit some of the compassion I press so heavily on those who care to listen. Maybe, just maybe, I would think about what consequence of action means, and what it really means to care for another more than I care for myself.

Instead, I repeat the past in an endless cycle of samsara and cause only grief and pain to those around me. I stubbornly cling to what I believe, because I know, with all of my heart, that I could not POSSIBLY be wrong. I am an intelligent man. I have studied religion and philosophy and spirituality. I have spent years probing the depths of my conscience. How is it that I could be wrong? I know what I am, and I know that I am good and pure. But am I? Am I really a good and wholesome man? I’m sure one day I’ll crack and expose myself to the world in an ultimate act of self destruction, but that day is not today.

Liar. Asshole. Piece of shit. Wear your monikers, Timothy. You know you have earned them.

@stevebishov dog Casey needed surgery and it cost a pretty penny. If you would like to enter a raffle for a tattoo or donate, call or visit @amp_tattoo 267-239-2724 or paypal stevebishov@gmail.com or www.gofundme.com/603m54
This guy needs a home, and it might be with you! 9x12, framed, $200 plus shipping. Email tim@timpangburn.com to get it!