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Little Wu ditch banger today. #wutang #wutangclan #killahbees (at Art Machine Productions)
Had the awesome opportunity to do my version of the croc from Hook! So much fun!

 (at Art Machine Productions)

Donate at alsa.org I nominate @megan_massacre @swanjeremy and @alxmrch #icebucketchallenge #alschallenge #icebucket

This little critter is available for sale. 5”x7” marker on wood. Email tim@timpangburn.com to get him! (at Art Machine Productions)
So @wediebythesword will be at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ this weekend. Don’t be an ass. Come out, meet our sword wielding furry mascot, and buy some shirts.
I had the opportunity to knock out this jammer last week. We’ll probably do a second pass to tune it in. The old one was super stubborn. 
Click the link in my profile to vote @amp_tattoo beat of Philly! (at Art Machine Productions)
Head over to @wediebythesword and follow the link! http://etsy.com/shop/diebythesword and enter code DBTSWELCOME for 15% off at checkout! Give them a follow, share the page and your Die By The Sword photos and hashtag #IDieByTheSword
I did this jammer on Dan today. Shout out to all my muggles. 
Follow the link on my page to vote @amp_tattoo for best of Philly! (at Art Machine Productions)
Art Machine Productions is seeking part time artists for employment at our tattoo studio in Philadelphia. Sorry, no apprenticeships. 
To inquire, please email apply.artmachine@gmail.com with the following:
Attach 3 clear photos of your tattoo work (including one cover up, before and after), your phone number and links to your social media profiles and website, and a short bio about how you got into tattooing, and how many years you have been tattooing professionally. Inquiries lacking this information will not be answered. Applicants for consideration must possess a strong portfolio, demonstrate competency in multiple styles, and have a strong work ethic. Please feel free to share this post. We look forward to hearing from you!
This guy. 5x7 marker. $125 plus shipping. Email tim@timpangburn.com to snag it.
Happy Father’s Day to the man I got my good looks from, and to all of the fathers past, present, and future. Appreciate the respect you’re given today, because you normally don’t get any the rest of the year.
This. Keep an eye out, I’m finishing the last sketches and tweaking things. It will be available through my website, @amp_tattoo website, and in the shop. #BigThingsPoppin (at Ultra Zone - Laser Tag)
I have an opening at 10am tomorrow. I would like to do this mousephant or something equally ridiculous. Email tim@timpangburn.com with your idea or confirming how much you love this freak of nature and want it on your hide. I won’t be responding to comments, so direct email only.
I drew this a couple of years ago and had the wonderful opportunity to tattoo it today on @lovelettersco. Thank you so much for being awesome!
@amoebadesigns  (at Art Machine Productions)
I’d like to do a portrait of Jesse from Near Dark. If this isn’t your favorite vampire movie, then you suck.